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Toppers: Top Hair Pieces for Volume

Hair Toppers | Top Hair for Volume

Hair Toppers – Hair Pieces which seamlessly add Natural Volume to your Hair

Several hormonal changes occur during a woman’s life, and some of these may be accompanied with mild to moderate or even significant hair loss.

Such thinning hair patterns are usually inherited from parents, or close relatives, & may be evident in a mother, or an aunt. Occasionally thinning hair patterns may occur earlier in life, with the hormonal fluctuations of puberty, or of a pregnancy.

The first step is to see your family physician who may prescribe a medication which might slow down the rate of hair loss.

Hair Toppers at The Hair Clinic

If medical treatment is not satisfactory, The Topper Center at The Hair Clinic offers several alternatives to medical treatments.

These include a variety of toppers as well as other human hair complements & synthetic hair complements which seamlessly add volume to your hair & may better fulfill your needs for fuller more attractive hair.

The Hair Clinic carries a wide variety of human hair complements such as Hair Toppers, Hair Volumizers, Volumizing Hair Pieces, Hair Volume Enhancers, Hair Integration Systems, and Hair Volumising Extensions. They discretely add volume and density to restore your hair to a fuller more natural appearance.

In some women, hair loss may progress to a more serious extent. In these cases Non-Surgical Hair Grafting may be required, depending on the hair density desired, which is also offered by The hair Clinic.

The Hair Clinic carries a wide variety of human hair toppers and volumising systems in store at all time. These include Hair Volume Enhancers, Hair Integration Units, Hair Volumizers, Volumizing Top Hair Pieces, Human Hair Toppers for Volume, Synthetic Hair Toppers for Volume, and Hair Extensions for Volume.

The Hair Clinic also creates hand grafted, custom made human hair toppers or human hair top hairpieces for volume in any color combination, any hair length, as well as any hair texture just for you.  The Hair Toppers are available in stock in Indian Remy hair, Chinese Remy hair, European Remy hair as well as synthetic fibers.

The Hair Clinic Topper Featured on “Deux Fille le Matin” with Quebec Singer Nadja
Installing a Human Hair Topper

Have you ever envied the actresses, models and celebrities in fashion journals for their thick, lustrous hair? In most (if not all) cases, their beautiful mane of hair is not the result of a new miraculous shampoo, but the direct result of volumizer hair extensions and volumising hair pieces.

Whether you have bald spots or a thinning hair on top or at the crown, our human hair tops or synthetic hair volume enhancer hairpieces will give you back the confidence that comes with hair that looks great all the time.

Have you ever worried about taking off your hat, or under a spotlight or back-light, or not feeling less than attractive because of your thinning hair or hair loss?

You need worry no longer when you head out! Our human hair toppers & hair volume hairpieces will give you the hair volume and fullness you deserve, with soft luxurious hair covering up the thinning areas of your scalp.

If you’re concerned about hair loss, or wince when looking at your hair in the mirror, The Hair Clinic’s hair top volume enhancers will change the way you look and the way you feel inside as well.

Our top quality human hair toppers volumizing hair pieces are undetectable, even from on close examination. As long as you take care of your new hair volumizer system, it will last you a long time and give you satisfaction month after month.

The human hair volume enhancer stays safely attached to your own hair with our exclusive gripping micro clips, which provide you with a soft gentle hold that doesn’t damage your hair or scalp and yet stays firmly put, even in strong wind or on a roller coaster ride 😉

If you have a bald spot which has no hair to clip on to, our volumizers can be bonded to your scalp with completely safe, medical-grade tape that can be removed easily but gives you the same security as our clips.

Toppers adding Hair Volume & Glamour for the Stars

Jennifer Anniston wearing several Hair Toppers & a Bad Wig on the Right

Christina Hendricks with a Hair Topper Hair Piece

If you’re afraid of hair extensions because of the maintenance they require or want something that you can take off when you shower and sleep, or if you have a bald spot that needs to be hidden, volumizers are simply the perfect option for you.

No more teasing hair for volume or volumizing hair treatments! Our volumizer hair system is all you need – it’s that simple.

The Hair Clinic human hair toppers allow you to instantly upgrade your look to healthy, volume hair with bounce and shine. And you don’t need to constantly dye your roots, either!

Without damage or long-term commitment, our hair volumiser hair pieces will give your hair exactly the boost it needs by snapping in effortlessly and blending perfectly with your own hair.

With fuller hair volume, you’ll look years younger and be able to get ready for a big night out in just minutes.  You’ll forget what it means to have a bad hair day when you’re wearing a miraculous Hair Top volume hair piece from The Hair Clinic.

Come on over to The Hair Clinic for fast hair volume or give us a call and start on your journey to add a Top Hair volume hairpiece today!  For a free consultation, or simply for more information, please feel free to call one of our caring top hair specialists, or just drop in at our Crescent Street location in downtown Montreal.

At The Hair Clinic Montreal, we go to great lengths to make your hair dreams come true!

Hot hair is so cool, but so’s a $50 Discount Coupon on your first human hair topper for women at The Hair Topper Center of The Hair Clinic on Crescent Street.  We virtually give you back your hair !

Call 514.848.6185 for your free, absolutely no obligation, laid back hair consultation, & see for yourself what hair perfection looks like!

$50 Discount Coupon on The Hair Clinic's Hair Toppers
$50 Discount Coupon on The Hair Clinic’s Human Hair Toppers
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