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Hairdreams Extensions Installed at The Hair Extension Center of The Hair Clinic Montreal

Hairdreams Extensions Montreal: 100% Human European Remy Hair Extensions

The Hair Extension Center

Best Quality European Hair Extensions

The Hair Extension Centre Montreal at The Hair Clinic is very proud indeed to introduce to you the most exclusive luxury line of hair extensions in the world: Hairdreams Hair Extensions.

Hairdreams Hair Extensions are the only human hair extensions available in 100% European Hair. The absolute finest, most luxurious and most expensive hair extensions in the world!

Hairdreams Extensions are available to you in 2 distinct qualities: 5 STAR 100% Indo-European Remy and 7 STAR 100% European Remy.

Human Hair Quality Chart

Hairdreams Hair Extension Center Montreal

The Hairdreams Hair Extension Centre’s “Diamond Grade Human Hair”, 7 Star quality is simply the best human hair you can buy! Shiny, silky ultimate quality 100% Virgin European Remy Human Hair, dyed only once. Hairdreams Labs carefully select the best quality 100% Virgin European hair throughout Europe, and gently color process 100% European hair extensions only once.

The importance of Human Hair Quality

Hairdreams Diamond Grade Hair seven star, diamond grade hair means that you get the absolute best quality 100% European Human Hair which stays shiny, silky and flowing as though it were your very own healthy growing hair.

Diamond Grade 7 Star hair lasts 24 x Longer than Bronze Grade hair.
Diamond Grade 7 Star hair lasts 12 x Longer than Silver Grade hair.
Diamond Grade 7 Star hair lasts 4 x Longer than Gold Grade hair.
Diamond Grade 7 Star hair lasts 2 x Longer than Platinum Grade hair.

Hairdreams 7 star Extensions are made from Diamond Grade human European hair, and are the absolute best quality hair extensions since they have not been chemically lightened. Seven Star Diamond Grade Hair retains a perfect elasticity, and can be re-used for up to 12 months depending on the hair color chosen and how well you take care of your extensions.

On the other hand Hairdreams 5 star Extensions are made from Platinum Grade black to brown Indo-European human hair, originating primarily from India. The Hairdreams 5 star hair is gently lightened using a time-consuming UV light along with a gentle osmosis process. The Hairdreams 5 star hair is then dyed to match the different hair colors. This hair is suitable for a wearing period of 4 to 6 months.

Diamond Grade 7 Star hair may cost you more at first, but it’s way less expensive in the long term, because it lasts so much longer.
Most importantly, Diamond 7 star and Platinum 5 star hair will never damage your own hair.

Lower quality hair tangles terribly pulling out your hair at the root each time you brush, and breaking your hair causing significant damage.

Unlike Bronze Grade hair, Hairdreams Diamond Grade 7 Star Hair, and The Hair Clinic Platinum Grade Hair have absolutely no animal or synthetic content.

Grade 7 Star: Supreme Diamond Grade quality, pure 100% Human European Remy Hair, at the Absolute Best Price!

Hairdreams 100% European Hair Extensions at The Hair Clinic

Montreal’s Top Quality Human Hair Extensions

The Hair Clinic is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Montreal and is easily accessible by car or by public transportation, The Hair Extension Center is the premier hair extension installation center in Montreal.

The Hair Clinic is like a wonderland of Hair Extensions, wigs, toppers, hairpieces and hair integration systems.” ELLE Magazine
The Hair Extensions Center at The Hair Clinic carries the largest selection of the finest quality human hair extensions in a multitude of hair systems, hair colors and hair lengths. Finding top quality hair extensions that match your hair color and curl is always fast & easy at The Hair Clinic.

Now that full head of gorgeous hair that you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach with extensions for volume and, or extensions for length!

The Hair Extensions Center offers you the best hair extension systems to choose from. Whether you like removable extensions or permanent extensions, The Hair Clinic has all types of hair extensions in stock at all times.

The Extension Center’s hair extension systems are available in stock in three lengths, 14 inch hair, 18 inch hair, and 22 inch hair.
Drop by for a free consultation and check out our ultra silky superior hair quality for yourself. Come on in simply to feel the quality of our hair extensions & the silky difference of our real human hair extensions.

The Hair Clinic stocks all fashion hair extension systems, including: keratin hair extensions, clip extensions, cold fusion extensions, hot fusion extensions, keratin extensions, tape in extensions, loop extensions, pony tail extensions, and many more types of hair extensions.

The Hair Clinic also carries all the professional accessories for hair extensions. For the best hair extensions in Montreal, look no further! We are The Hair Extension specialists.

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At The Montreal Hair Extension Center, we not only sell extensions but we also professionally install extensions. The Hair Clinic has teamed up with two of the most renowned hair extension companies ER Extensions and Hairdreams Extensions, to offer you Montreal’s absolute finest hair extensions.

The Hair Clinic Montreal is also well known for its quality extensions by hair stylists, the written media, TV media, many local music & film stars, as well as the movie industry. We recently supplied all wigs & hairpieces for the Hollywood film “White House Down” starring Channing Tatum.

Whether you’re looking for a quality wig, a hairpiece for women, hairpieces for men, hair replacement for men or the best hair extensions, you’ll find all you human hair needs at The Hair Clinic in downtown Montreal.

At The Hair Clinic Montreal, we go to great lengths to make your hair dreams come true!

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