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Tressed to Kill

Not blessed with sexy hair? Fear not! Faking it Keeps on Getting Easier

Renée Gold, ELLE Magazine

Ever since I was I8 years old, my wish. Throughout my 20s, not a day went by that l didn’t find hamster-sized clumps of it in my drain.

One hairdresser after another would stare at me in disbelief after finding tufts in their combs or sinks. “l have nervous hair,” I’d quip defensively.

I tried every miracle treatment, from expensive conditioners and hot oils to a host of natural remedies. Still, when it came to “come hither” gestures involving hair, I was a complete washout. Running my fingers seductively through my long locks would only result in tangly spider web hands.

By the time I turned 30, I’d resigned myself to a lifetime of thin hair. Then I met my saviour – tress-wizard Cam Toutounghi, owner of The Hair Clinic in Montréal.
“Just about everybody on television wears some form of hair extension or volurne-enhancing hairpiece,” he told me, much to my relief. “It’s makeup for your hair!“

The Hair Clinic is like a wonderland of wigs, volumizing hairpieces and “hair integration systems.”

Cam suggested I opt for the X10D, the “superhero” of hair extensions, made of 100 percent human hair. They’re hand-grafted so that each strand looks like it’s growing from the scalp. The effect lasts for about four months. (On the less-fabulous side, they‘re not cheap. A set like this can run you anywhere from $250 to a cool $1,500.)

After we selected a copper-brown colour with light brown highlights, Cam spent the afternoon grafting in each piece, distracting me all the while with celebrity-hair gossip (he keeps photos chronicling Jennifer Aniston’s extensions through the years). When he finally spun me around to face the mirror, who did I see sitting in my chair but Angelina Jolie circa Z001. “Oh, my god,” I thought. “I’m really hot!”

By the time I left the clinic, I was more or less strurting—although it was strange to think that the thick, shiny hair l was compulsively flipping had grown out of someone else’s head. A pack of twentysomething guys across the street broke out of their huddle to look over at me and oogle. Could my new hair be working already? Or could it have been that I was standing right outside a strip club when they unleashed their whistles and catcalls?

Still, I feel more confident about my hair than ever before and I’ve been getting compliments all over the place.

My sister has nicknamed me “pretty girl.” My mother paid me the greatest compliment of all, she refused to accompany me to a funeral for fear that my sexy hair might offend the other mourners.

The way I see it, women have been volumizing their lips and décolletage for years; why split hairs over a strand or two?

At The Hair Clinic Montreal, we go to great lengths to make your hair dreams come true!

Hot hair is so cool, but so’s a $50 Discount Coupon on a full Installation of Fusion Extensions at The Hair Extension Center of The Hair Clinic on Crescent Street.

Call 514.848.6185 for your free, absolutely no obligation, laid back hair consultation, & see for yourself what hair perfection looks like!

$50 Discount Coupon on a full Fusion Hair Extension Installation at The Hair Clinic
$50 Discount Coupon on a full Fusion Hair Extension Installation
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